Smoky fish tacos

20 mins
? 2 portions
Recipe from: Miguel Barclay’s FAST & FRESH One Pound Meals book

1/4 onion, roughly diced
200g chopped tomatoes
1 smoked mackerel fillet, flaked
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp paprika
40g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
25ml cold water
3 tsp creme fraiche
1 spring onion, sliced
2 lemon wedge, to serve (optional)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Pan-fry the onion in a splash of olive oil over a medium heat them, as soon as the onion starts to soften, throw in the chopped tomatoes, flaked mackerel, cumin and paprika. Season well with salt and pepper and simmer for about 10 minutes to reduce the sauce.

Meanwhile, combine the flour, water and a pinch of salt in a bowl to form a dough. Dust the worktop with a little flour, then knead the dough on the worktop for a few minutes until smooth. Divide the dough into three balls and roll each piece into a roughly 10cm circle. Heat and dry frying pan over a high heat, add the flatbreads and cook for about 2 minutes on each side until lightly toasted.

Now, assemble the tacos (while the flatbreads are still warm). Spoon a little of the mackerel and tomato mixture onto each taco, add a teaspoon of creme fraiche on top and garnish with the sliced spring onion to add a bit of extra crunch. Serve with a lemon wedge, if you like.

Price: £2 (based on Sainsbury’s prices)
Notes: This was literally a leftover meal so feel free to add things you have left in your fridge.

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