Beetroot burgers

10 mins + 30 mins in the fridge
? 6 portion
Recipe from: Beetroot burgers”> (original recipe is in Czech but if you open it in Google Chrome, you can translate the page)

2 beetroots
180g oats
2 eggs
pepper, salt, thyme
200g feta cheese (crumbled into bigger pieces)
burger buns, rocket and mayo to serve with or side salad for healthier option

Grate beetroots or cut into smaller pieces and put in a food processor (it’s quicker and keeps some pieces bigger which gives it more texture). Mix everything together in a medium bowl (feta last). Put it in the fridge for about 30 mins so the oats can absorb all the juices. Make it into burgers and fry on a frying pan.Serve in the bun with mayo and rocket (or any salad leaves) or with just a side salad.

Price: £3.50 (based on Sainsbury’s in the UK prices)
Notes: It tends to fall apart when frying so push down with your spatula and try not to turn over too many times.

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