Hi, I’m Veronika.

Do you like trying new recipes? Do you love exploring different ways to be healthy without compromising the yumminess?

After coming back from travelling and experiencing different cultures I was inspired to start trying new recipes. I was also getting excited to have my own kitchen and cook whatever I want after more than a year cooking and eating cheap and quick food on a camping stove.

When searching for new recipes, most of the time I look for something quick to cook. Even though I love awesome photography and seeing beautifully arranged food, I find scrolling through 5-10 same photos of a meal frustrating. Same thing with stories, I love people’s stories, but don’t have time to read them when I’m cooking.
(This is not meant to insult people who love to write about their experience with cooking a certain recipe!)

This is the main reason why I am starting this website. I want to have one place to collect lovely recipes and be able to cook it quickly without any additional things to scroll through. As simple as that. 🙂

So if you have the same feeling, ENJOY my food blog without the blog.

Although, this website is made to be as simple as possible, I’d still love to share my journey to live a healthy lifestyle and wasting less food and things in general. For all that see a section called “BLOG”. 🙂

I would love to hear your tips and recommendations for lovely recipes, your ways of making same meals or anything related.


With Love